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Asolo is like a beautiful pearl hidden between hills and medieval walls, located very close to Venice; during different eras it inspired famous poet like D’Annunzio, G. Carducci, R. Browning, F. Stark and many more.

Nowadays it inspires tourist and travellers, but mostly a couple of twins, Elisabetta and Ilaria, they have always been blessed of living in Asolo, and in the old town center they decided to open their hearts and their business.

There is a strong synergy between the two twins, they share the same aspiration and have a unique goal: to spread the good taste and the charm.

“There is a difference between cover yourself with clothes and wear something well made and sophisticated, something that doesn’t shout but makes the others whisper when you walk along”.

After years choosing the best fabrics, they have finally decided to push their boundaries and create a capsule collection, that is made of exclusive and extremely wearable items, made only with high end fabrics, all made in Italy.

All the products are curated and realized one by one, taking advantage of all the experience the twins have, when you will wear one, somebody behind you will whisper…


“Their Mission?”, to rediscover the pleasure of desiring, falling in love and wearing an item for ever.

Appreciate the difference between an on trend product and one that never stop to be.